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The Grünes Hotel zur Post

Hotel room
Maier family

About us

Silvia and Georg Maier have been running the Grünes Hotel zur Post in Salzburg for over 20 years and committed themselves to a sustainable business management at the beginning of 2000.  Our extensive efforts range from our own electricity production, thermal hot water generation, promotion of electromobility through a wide range of charging infrastructure and 100% organic food, to name just a small part of our activities. Our stated goal is to use no or as few fossil fuels as possible.  Constantly looking for further improvements, we are currently putting our energy into planting trees and bushes in order to be able to partially compensate for the Co2 used.  Through these planting campaigns we want to raise awareness of the need for a healthy mixed forest. Away from monoculture towards a resilient, future-fit forest!

But that's not enough for us.

For every booking in the double room category "de luxe",

we plant a tree! 

For you, for us all!

Co2 free energy generation

Our motivation for a long time has been to use as little Co2 as possible both at work and privately. Every year, World Depletion Day tells us the date on which we humans have used up raw materials for the year. In 2023, World Exhaustion Day in Austria was April 6th, 2023! In plain language, from this date onwards we live at the expense of nature, at the expense of the next generation, as consumption can no longer be covered by the creation of new resources.

Organic breakfast
100% organic food

At the Green Hotel zur Post, only organic food is offered for the ORGANIC DELIGHT BREAKFAST.

When purchasing, we attach great importance to regionality and seasonal goods.

Our bees

Driven by the knowledge of the importance of preserving the biodiversity of the flora in the city of Salzburg, we decided to make our contribution here too and, for reasons of space, opted for 3 beehives.

The training and knowledge that we were able to learn from the city beekeeper Caroline Greiml sharpened our attention in another wonderful way to treat our wonderful planet with extreme care. A tasty and healthy side effect of this work is our own, high-quality organic blossom honey, which is served to our guests at the breakfast buffet.

Bees flower garden

Every hobby gardener will share our statement. There is a lot to do in a beautiful garden. Especially if you decide against an “English lawn” for a garden with a wide variety of flowers and types of blossoms. Like 100 years ago, we only swing the scythe twice a year to give all the creepy crawlies a living space and to enable the flowers to bloom independently and release seeds for the coming year. True to the motto: This is not a messy garden, but a wellness oasis for life.

Bees flower garden
 Hotel business certified for the common good

As a value-oriented company, we pay attention to the common good and are actively committed to it.

The word COMMON WEALTH summarizes important economic practices. Social justice, ecological sustainability, human dignity, transparency and participation to name just a few. 

A certification according to the common good balance sheet is not just lip service for a company, but rather a detailed examination of far-reaching, eco-social and sustainable issues throughout the entire company management.  


You can find detailed information from our first certificationhere.

 Common welfare certified hotel business
Impressions of our tree planting campaigns

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Salzburg, Maxglan

100 Eichen, Baumhasel, Douglasien

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